About LPE


LPE's production strategy concentrates on reactors dedicated to severe applications such as Schottky, Power Transistor, PowerMos, Rectifier, very thick epi layers for IGBT devices grown in a single process; NPN, patterned wafers and others on arsenic doped substrates, CMOS, Buried Layers on Sb doped substrates and Mixed Technology.
Our reactors are capable of covering the whole range of products mentioned above, including large wafers.
Our philosophy involves building up a partnership relationship with our customers to ensure that each one receives an efficient yet highly personalized service, this in turn leads to:
  • long term co-operation on products
  • protection of investments over time
  • direct assistance and support
  • easily available spare parts even for machines which are no longer in production
In order to achieve these aims, LPE has created a network of local service centers throughout Asia and Europe.
These are staffed by qualified personnel and offer a consistent spare parts service.

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